Chad Lamont Out Runs Baer

Second generation MWSC racers, Chad Lamont and Ben Baer met up in the final round of the second MWSC Race of 2014.  Chad used a 8.906 ET to defeat Ben who broke out with a 8.849.  26 cars were entered with 24 cars making the first round call.  The #1 Qualifier was young Tyler Kovac.

Races 3 & 4 will be at Byron on May 31-June 1. First time runs will be around 10:15 am each day.  Gate open at 8 am and they will be open on Friday night.

DRAGSTERSFORSALE.COM joins Midwest Super Comp Series

DRAGSTERSFORSALE.COM will award the 2014 MWSC Champion a set of M/T Front Runner Tires and Wheels.  To be eligible you must spend $100 with them by June 30th.  They will also award $50 and $25 to the winner and runner-up of each race.  Contact Don O’Neal at (910) 237-3825 for all your racing needs.